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Exterior of Aria Lounge, Ariapita Avenue in the Daytime. This sign consists of wall-mounted Fabricated Letters, backlit with LEDs. 

This above photo shows the Lounge area of Aria Lounge. Notice the wall mounted display consisting of Individual cut, Aluminium Letters, layered to accomplish a 3D effect and wall mounted. 

You have to be there to appreciate the level of detail in this custom sign work. Check out Aria Lounge on The Avenue for a Great Lounge Experience.

In the Photo above, we Installed a wall sign, consisting of Individual Brushed Aluminium Letters, mounted on the wall at the Main Entrance to Aria Lounge, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad. 

A Night Time View of the Aria Lounge Front Sign. You can really see how pronounced this sign when backlit with LEDs. Also, Aria Lounge has a really lively crowd!

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